Green Egypt is an Egyptian agricultural company established in 1996 with offices in Egypt and the UK. Green Egypt is dedicated to providing high quality fresh produce which are traceable to our farms; Green Egypt has the longest and strongest seasons for its various products. Green Egypt's pack house has a capacity of 150 tons per day plus several rented pack houses according to seasons. Certifications are Global Gap, BRC , TNC and ECOA Organic.


 To be the premier exporter and distributor of the highest quality fruit and vegetables from Egypt to the World. 


At Green Egypt we aim to be the number one produce exporter in Egypt providing fresh fruits and vegetables from our farms to your table.  We strive to achieve the highest possible standards of quality and service in all areas of our business; by using a range of audited growers coupled with comprehensive goods-in and goods-out Quality Assurance procedures for our goods, and a highly trained team coupled with experienced management to ensure we provide a consistent and excellent service. 


Green Egypt operates five different  packhouses, the cold store and precooling facilities are existing in each one with total capcity of handling around 400 tons daily.  All our packhouses are BRC and we are applying the principles of HACCP throughout all packhouses.BRC and we applying the concept of HACCP throughout all packhouses.