The season of spring onion is from October to April. There are different range of diameters from 8mm to 45mm. We pack the onion in bunches bag or loose. The varieties are Photon and Giza .

Green Egypt is the biggest chilli grower in Africa; we have around 80 acres of Fresno multi-span in Egypt. The season is from November until June. We have as well some trials in different varieties such as Serenade and Scotch bonnet. Seeking the enhancement of the horticultural and marketing knowledge in all chills green houses, Green Egypt invested in the cultivation, packing and marketing of chillis. 


Strawberry is a strategic direction product for Green Egypt. In order to avoid unnecessary handling; a large proportion of strawberries are field packed and then transferred to the pre-cooling and cold stores facilities which are near to the field and a BRC-food certified.


Green Egypt is a market leader in this product. With the geographical oriented cultivations; Green Egypt has the longest and strongest seasons for its various varieties of green beans.   Trimmed beans as well are one of the company strength points. We are using a high calibre labour to do big volume of trimmed beans on daily basis. The modified atmosphere bags (map bags) are being used for this type of beans in order to keep the beans succulent. Green Egypt is using